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Adelaide - Australia

Great Family retreat with Marco as yoga instructor. We are s a young family with children and he was so accommodating and kind. Our girls loved theyr first yoga retreat. Marco when out if his way to make it an amazing experience on the mat and in Kefalonia. Thank you Marco!

I’ve had the pleasure of practising yoga with Marco the past summer. From May until October. Firtst i have to say that Marco’s easy going personality made our sessions  very comfortable and familiar.
I had a little experience with yoga previously but Marco brought my practice to a complitely different level.
I work out and run on a regolar basis but i lacked very much in streatching.
And this is how I felt yoga helped me out the most. Even just after fee classes with Marco I felt more flexible and felt fast progress with poses i had difficoult with at the beginnning; and generally stretching giving streight and flexibility like this is something vital and healthy for growing muscles and have better circulation. Marco’s techniques helped me also with my posture! After few mouths i felt much better on how i walk breath and sit with any other thought. The change was very natural and no doubt a direct effect from our yoga practices.
We practicesed twice a week and this also helped me with the daily stress that comes with my work. Marco’s ability to teach me how to breath different and silence the mind was a big help on reducing stress and feeling relaxed throughout the day, even with my ectic work schedule, knowing that i had those two hours each week to focus on my self and disconnect from eotk were something to looking forward to.
I’m exited to go on with my yoga practice this upcoming season. He really is a breath of fresh air and inspiration. I hardly raccomand to have some yoga session, you will see right away that his practice is a healthy addiction to your life.

After many years of impact sports now my back can’t no longer stand jumps snd run. So I came to yoga and after a difficoult period of adaptation on calmess on yoga a new world open ed up! With Marco i’ve discovered how powerful and vital yoga can be and how the correct way of breathing can improve everything you love. Hos much centrality can give a static position (asana), hos much serenity and energy give us slowly yoga! Thanks Marco!
Argostoli - Greece

The yoga experience with Marco is excellent! The asanas and the flows one after the other is magical and challenging. Ge is really good with pranayama session snd all if this make practices with Marco rhythmical snd armonising. I really love his own visualising meditation during shavasana namaste Marco!

I was doing yoga since three weeks a couple of times a week. When i first had my yoga class with Marco i soon gelt he was different. He’s a very good man very professional with smiling eyes. Many time i’m late at the class but my passion with yoga has improved and i’m always happy after our class. My body has started to change being more strong healthy snd beautiful inside and outside in only six mounth and my husband is very happy. I have to sit on a chair for many hours in s bus and talk with hundreds of tourist every day. It used to be very difficoult for me but since i’m having Marco’s toga classes i feel much more eable to listen to anybody’s request or peculiarities and this is also a great achievement. Yoga is awesome!

I was guided to Marco’s yoga from my girlfriend that was one if his yogini since one year. I never practiced yoga before and since the first class with Marco I immensely loved it.
I began to listen my body and fell free from all the limits i was feeling before.
I felt  confident about my yoga body (much more fit now) , with my girlfriend and with family without ferling strange about my sexuality; im gay by the way.
My self love confidence and joy raised up quik and also during my long fays with people at work i can manage much more my energies with constructive and creative attitude.
I will go on with yoga in my life surely as much as i can with Marco, as trainer and friend.

“Thank you Marco for our amazing yoga classes!!! It has been so wonderful to start the day with your fabulous yoga
Really lovely to meet you and we will see you when we are back!”
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