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yoga space
Yours yoga spaces
With a long story of reliability in the most luxury private villas and hotels

Finally you will choose YOUR yoga untouchables spaces.

Spaces and times where you will choose to evolve your yoga life in your leaving room or in the office where your life can really take a creative and constructive action related to your real goals in life.

Body flexibility
Body flexibility
Improve your vital energy giving your yoga body more straight and flexibility.

Empowering your lungs, heart, body scheme and posture being able to receive and give more and more every day.

Refreshed body
Be more present energetic and vital in everything you are doing or working on.

In the early morning lights, at lunch break or in the late afternoon.

The core will get more strong and lightful.

Eyes will gives your visage a strong  new vibration perfect to achieve what you really want in every daily situation
Reenergised mind
With the meditations Marco developed in years on the powerful islands of the ancient sea Kefalonia and Ithaki your body\mind connection will be much more clear and focused on your daily, healthy and joyful successes.

Taking you by the hand; time after time to be able to control your thoughts, attitudes and unknown attractions to create new and new better evolving, exciting choices in life!
If you never had
just give your self a try...
ask Marco a direct live

ON-LINE yoga class

Great streaming video and audio from the yoga studio direct on your smart TV
or on your desktop or on the screen of the tablet alone or with your best yogis company

Availability on any of the majors live stream platform! (including Skype or Messenger)
It’s fun! It’s easy! and Marco is the communication expert ready to help you also technically if you might need it

The price for class will be starting from €20
Direct contacts
+39 348 003 45 68
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