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I am so proud to offer my yogis this unbelievable chance to enjoy our new yoga sailing Greek luxury yachts partner.

Salparo is not just a mere business endeavor. It is a unique opportunity to incorporate their passion and know-how into a perfectly curated sailing event, that includes all the most luxurious plus you might ever want to be included on a unforgettable cruise...
The yoga class will be, anyhow, the first and the last key to best get involved, revitalized from the flawless and stunning yoga energies of these places seas and shores.

Marco since 5 year is giving unforgettable memories, yoga classes and meditations perfect to detach from the busy and breathtaking velocity of the daily routines to yogis who will always come back to Kefalonia and the yoga benefits as much as they possibly will...

Don’t miss your most incredible chance to have just the same unforgettable yoga class in your own yoga life journey.
A trip second to none, and unlike any other. An experience that will turn into many stories for the days and years to follow. The reason is simple: Everything this trip will include, it’s everything you want to be included.

Sounds easy, yet it is quite demanding on our behalf. However, a promise’s a promise. And we are willing to keep it.

A unique experience, customized especially for each one of you. Introduce yourself to Greece’s most exceptional locations on the wild and undiscovered Kefalonia epic seas and explore a whole new world.
Meet our team, discover our yachts and our passion for designing experiences that are more than just a trip. Salparo and Greece will provide you with stunning moments that will make this a state of mind for you too.

Life is about choices. In Salparo your choice can be refined with our consultancy and experience. Choose the yacht you prefer for your escape, and the season that suits you and your company the best. How many people will you be with, and would you need extra comfort all you need is a request that is free in this formula as well as all the unforgettable details of this experience.

With our Yoga trainer Marco on board.

Total cruise yoga retreat € 3.650,00 per pax
Classes Or just during the classes hours on the shores and desert beachside.

So, whether you want to catch that Homeric aura or to explore the small rocky diamonds, you know where to begin…

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