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About Marco

Marco Ciardelli is from Suna, a small town on the Major Lake,

He worked as senior producer for the most important Italian advertising and tv productions in Italy, Europe, Uk and Asia.

During all these years Marco practiced, studied and improved the skills in Hatha Yoga and meditation practice with the degree with the master and artist Bruno Freddi in Milano.

After all those years Marco started organising on an island in the centre of the mediterranean sea with amazing success with guest from any amazing corner of the planet.

Special guests like:
the neighbours her Majesty the Queen of the Great Britain
the new elite families that moves the energies, money, resources of the planet
secret services on duty during the new digital wars in our globe
world pop singers stars with millions of fans
beginner, intermediate, advanced yogini
young searching new motivations
yogi groups
Just to say Few ...
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This winter is back in Milan to give you the best yoga and meditation class of your life
He will change your life ! For good.

He is also an audio&video detox process expert. And a personal coach.

Marco is an Hatha yoga degree trainer since 2008 and he also integrate his class with yin and vinyasa yoga. After he explored any kind of meditation of the history of the world,
During the years on a stunning, vibrating, powerful, conflictual and seismical island he elaborated specific meditations, empathies, powers and new techniques that will give you the chance to achieve, with this yoga practices, any kind of goals your life will need and -croos - any kind of obstacle or difficulties this modern times will try to give you.
All we need is time to choose our favourite yoga mats, yoga pants, focus on our favourite yoga tea, yoga music before have an amazing Hatha, Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga and meditation class.

You can learn to meditate as beginner, as advanced mindfulness meditator or choose one of Marco's meditation techniques, guided meditations perfect to renew your body mind spirit energies, high frequency vibrations, detoxing the yoga body and specially the mind from all the disconnecting, unbalancing, not useful informations and vibes we are immersed before the Marco's yoga practices and before all the yoga benefits you will be able to reach out and in for.

Marco's yoga sessios experiences are perfect if you are seeking for some yoga during pregnancy; if you need a course "yoga for babies", Marco is not only awesome with yoga kids, he is also a graduate elementary school teacher with all the self knowledges related.

If you are a yoga couple searching for some new yoga goals or motivations the meditation techniques Marco use have been incredibly magic for many others before; you can read it in some of the yoga reviews in the page plus.
Marco Ciardelli Yoga Trainer
Marco’s Yoga classes

The classes will last around 80 min ​

pranayama and warm-up (preparing muscles, articulations, lungs and heart to receive the best benefits from any lesson) any yoga body has his own specific powers and confort zones and Marco will be able to start from your own yoga body and potentialities to give you the best yoga benefits

asanas and flows sequences specificated every day with a program of an improving personal yoga challenges classes built on your needs and your yoga goals

guided relaxing & focusing visualizing meditation
Straight and flexibility in your body mind connection; meditating touching your soul renewing and detoxing mind and heart With joy, peace, creativity and constructivity  

The classes will be guided in English or Italian

The price for class will be starting from €25
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