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“You might ever have been mistaken the fashion of your yoga pants once ...
but with us you will not miss any day
of your luxurious yoga retreats, classes & benefits...”
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We don’t sell kimeras
We sell yoga paradises, astonishing yoga classes and unforgettable yoga journeys and memories to carry on during all yoga life that never ends.

With the most high, faithful and strong experience we are offering you the best yoga retreats of your life.
We have the best partners and agency that with the respect and the global love that togheter we were able to share in the yoga world you will be embraced with the most concrete and solid yoga platforms of this, post pandemic, new yoga world and vibe.

Step inside one of our yoga retreat and your yoga journey will make unbelievable memories forever.
yoga retreat
Different locations different styles
Different trainers and worlds that will comes as one In the belief of the unity and the abundant, infinite love of our universe...

Have more skills, more abilities, more yoga attitude to face this challenging world to be able to receive more benefits good connections and stunning reputations... this is goal we set up for you...

More Included services and possibilities with the professional behaving, accommodations and luxurious yachts and crew that for year made us unforgettable for many awesome and unforgettable guests

The most famous, the most royal,
the most rich and the most humble world has grown through our holidays and retreats.

Do not miss the chance to have an unforgettable yoga memory retreat in your yoga life.
Choose us, choose the best... wherever your intentions are embracing you and guiding you.
Alpine Yoga & Wellness Retreat
Urbino country retreat
Carribean yoga retreat
Odyssey yoga cruise
kefalonia yoga retreat
Salparo yoga and sailing
Marco Ciardelli photo
He worked as senior producer for the most important Italian advertising and tv productions in Italy, Europe, Uk and Asia.

After all those years Marco started organising yoga retreats on an island in the centre of the mediterranean sea with amazing success with guest from any amazing corner of the planet.
Special guests like:
the neighbours her Majesty the Queen of the Great Britain ...

the new elite families that moves the energies, the health and resouses of the planet
ex secret services on duty during the new digital wars onour planet
world pop singers stars with millions of fans
beginner, intermediate, advanced yogini
young yoga couples searching new motivations
immense yogis groups

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